Parent Testimonials

Tessa Rasmussen 


I love that the staff at Tot Spot is always communicative with me. Any of my input about feeding my baby has been acknowledged and implemented! Everyone is always very friendly and the kids are all well taken care of. I would recommend Tot Spot to anyone!

Dustin Hansen

June 4, 2016
to this little ones it's amazing how you do it and the ideas you come up with! The recent is seeing the personal reach out to tell a short story about yourselves today. Little ideas like that and photos on a secret FB page the list goes on. Together you have really built something so amazing I hope for you awesome people to understand how much you positively effect people's lives. The obvious is the effect on this little ones lives in these crucial development periods of their lives. Also, are the adults such as myself Stacie, Carolyn and grandma Sheri. You help us out tremendously as we need help to parent half the time for obligations we have (most commonly known as work  ;). Whether you have kids or not your all amazing parents! These kids love you guys! As for the business aspect you can take it to the bank that i will be recommending Tots spot up and down to everyone that needs an awesome place to trust with their children! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT THINGS YOU DO! If you could please forward this to corporate and the business owners I would definitely appreciate it! If it's easier or better I can do that personally if you can foward me the contact information. Thanks Again. Congratulations Miss Sammy, Miss Elizabeth and miss Jenna (a little while back) on the promotion and keep up the good work, You as well as your team do amazing work! Take care!

  5/23/15 Best center in Fargo and between my 7 kids we've tried quite a few! Love the

Tot Spot!

 7/18/14 The Tot Spot is run so professionally and has such a positive "feel" to it

because of you and your great staff. We really missed that that last month when

Our son was at another Fargo center. This location definitely had an air of "negativity"

and we are happy to be back at the TS!

 6/18/14   I love the Tot Spot Daycare. My child has attended this center since she was 1 and will soon be 5. The activities they have are outstanding and include yoga, water play, doll house, climbling toys, art projects. They have a monthly cooking class and go on feild trips. They potty trained my daughter, taught her how to recognize and write her ABC's and numbers.

  3/30/14  The Tot Spot staff has served my family well for almost 3 years now. There have been very minimal incidents which may have been handled better, but the staff does their very best to professionally and efficiently correct their mistakes. My daughter loves to go see her friends and her teachers and has never shown me that she is in any way uneasy about me leaving her there for the day. She is always talking about what fun activities they did during the day and is so proud of all of her art projects she gets to bring home. As a college student, the staff has worked with me on several occasions to bend their schedules a little to meet my needs, and I couldn't be more grateful for them. It has been a pleasure doing business and making friends with the staff at the Tot Spot and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great center to help raise and teach their children.

 5/3/13    The teachers at The Tot Spot have always displayed positive and nurturing behavior with my son. Each day I receive constructive feedback from one or two of the teachers, on how my son’s demeanor was for the day, along with a “fun” story of something he had done during the day. The teachers also work with the children to develop their scholastic skills. My son is only two, and can count to 14, and sing his ABCs. He has also learned my son develop social skills by encouraging group play time, and by taking the children on a number of field trips each month. These field trips also encourage cognitive and physical development. Our son really enjoys attending daycare at The Tot Spot. As a parent, this is so reassuring. When we drop off our son at The Tot Spot, we know that our child is being well cared for, and is also learning and having fun every day. I would recommend The Tot Spot to any parent(s). 

   The Tot Spot is a wonderful Daycare. The director Leah has brought a lot of new ideas and learning, through play to the daycare. At 2 1/2 my daughter works on numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week. She comes home singing new songs, has a lot of art projects and fun stories about her day. The daycare offers opportunities for my daughter to gain fine and gross motor skills, sensory motor and dramatic play. Most importantly I can tell the staff work there because they are facinated with children and like watching them and helping them grow and develop to there greatest potential. They make my daughter feel loved :)

     1/21/11    Our son has been going to the Tot Spot since he was a infant. I would saw this is one of the best day-care centers in the Fargo Moorhead area! I have heard and seen the things that go on at other centers around town and its appalling!! I would never take our child to any other day care in Fargo, they are garbage! Nothing but great experiences with the Tot Spot recommend to anyone who needs a awesome day care!!

 7/30/09   Tot spot is great! If there is ever a concern with the staff, they are talked to or let go. I Even asked one of the girls to watch my child fo more after the daycare closes. The only problem i have is the people working with our children should be paid more for all the wonderful things they do. Ask anyone of the workers and they all have a career goal that involves health. This place is the best and i will keep paying them to watch my children because i know there are in good hands!

    12/19/08  My children have been going to the Tot Spot for over a year now and I'm really surprised to see the previous review. Kari is very easy to talk to and the staff are wonderful. My children have been in all 3 rooms and I feel the activities have been great with lots of activities, music and art projects. The food is very "kid friendly" and it's alot better than it was before Kari took over. I would recommend this childcare to anyone.