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Kari Morehouse - Owner:

Phone: (208)994-1743

Email: karimorehouse@ymail.com

Jenna Schultz - Executive Director:

Phone: (701)238-5493

Email: totspotbusiness@yahoo.com

The Tot Spot - Infant Center:
Director: Melissa Burk
Phone: (701)232-6999
Email: thetotspotfargo@yahoo.com

The Tot Spot - Big Tot Center:

Director: Sammy Grover
Phone: (701)237-4123
Email: bigtotsfargo@yahoo.com

Tot Spot West:
Director: Chelsea Schmitz
Phone: (701)282-5437

Email: totspotwest@yahoo.com

Tot Spot South: 
Director: Jenna Schultz
Phone: (701)232-3884
Email: totspotsouth@yahoo.com

Tot Spot Hillsboro:
Director: Kim Kvernen
Phone: (701)636-2133

Email: totspothillsboro@yahoo.com

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