Early Childhood development is a process that is continually changing and expanding, therefore both structured and unstructured activities are needed for children to learn, grow, and make choices.  We believe that children learn through play and we have structured the environment to reflect that belief.  This does not mean that the program is not carefully planned.  Teachers are encouraged to be flexible and to allow the children freedom to learn at their own pace.  All activities are steps to growing and developing physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.  Children learn in different ways, with all their senses.  Varied experiences and materials will be provided for multi-sensory and whole brain learning.  Cognitive learning is not overemphasized, but rather children are exposed to a variety of activities and involved in tasks designed to help them develop a positive self-image.  Practice in motor skills is encouraged.  Children learn independence, self-help and turn-taking skills, and how to interact with others.  The outdoor play environment is an extension of the classroom, requiring the same level of adult planning, supervision, and involvement with the children. Families are considered an integral part of our program.  Daily communication and collaboration between families and teachers are strongly encouraged.  Together we can make The Tot Spot Childcare and Preschool Centers a great place for our children and families!

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